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Behavior and Training Consultations for Hooves, Paws and Claws

AnimalKind Training offers humane, real-life solutions to training and behavior issues for animals of all ages

•   18 years experience in positive training techniques for all species

•   Clicker Training--Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

•   Tellington TTouch--Certified practitioner for companion animals and horses

•   Private sessions, clinics and demonstrations



Pulling on the leash


Jumping up


Reactivity to dogs or people

Separation anxiety


Anxiety and fear

Resistance to grooming

Recovery from illness or injury

Ease the ailments of aging



Biting and scratching

Spraying and litter box issues

Excessive meowing

Clawing furniture


Recovery from illness or injury

Ease the ailments of aging


Nipping and biting

Trailering problems



Running away



Resistance to farrier or vet

Grooming and saddling issues

Poor performance

Recovery from illness or injury

Ease the ailments of aging

Class Descriptions

Introduction to TTouch for Dogs/Puppies

Does your dog shriek and lunge at other dogs? Dig up your yard? Chew your shoes? Do you have a teething puppy or an older dog feeling his age? Then this hands-on, interactive course is for you. Improve your dog's behavior and health using the Tellington TTouch method. You'll discover several of the basic circular touches, lifts, and slides that can help reduce anxiety, fear, and stress in your dog. You'll also explore techniques that address common behavior problems such as digging, barking, chewing, leash pulling, and jumping up. In addition, we will practice TTouch first aid techniques that can save your dog's life. TTouch isn't massage, so knowledge of canine anatomy is not necessary--anyone can use this method. Bring a stuffed animal to practice on, not your dog!

Dog Short Subjects: Rover, Walk With Me!

Does your dog pull on the leash, or worse, bark hysterically or lunge when she sees other dogs or people while on leash? Walking calmly on leash is a skill that can be taught. And you don't have to use harsh equipment or get rough with your dog. In this seminar you'll learn effective and humane techniques to make your dog a joy to walk.

Dog Short Subjects: Rover, Come Back!

Coming when called is a skill that can save your dog's life, and it's the one thing that most dog owners find really difficult to train or maintain. It doesn't have to be. In this seminar, we'll talk about why your dog doesn't want to come back to you, and learn several techniques to help you and your dog achieve a solid recall.

Cat Behavior Seminar

Bring your cat behavior questions! We'll talk about management and training techniques for common behavior challenges, such as litter box problems, aggression towards other animals and people, excessive vocalization, and shyness. Time permitting, we'll also discuss fun activities you can do with your cat.

Introduction to TTouch for Cats/Kittens

Does your cat refuse to use the litter box, bully other cats in the family, or is too frightened to come out from under the bed? This hands-on, interactive seminar is for you! Improve your cat's health and well-being using the Tellington TTouch method. Reduce anxiety, fear, and aggression, and learn first aid techniques that can save your cat's life. We'll also explore techniques for working with feral cats. Bring a stuffed animal (not your kitty!) to practice with.

Dog Short Subjects: Rover, Watch Your Mouth!

Barking, whining, chewing, even biting, are all natural behaviors for dogs, but can be challenging for us. Learn what your dog is telling you when she exhibits these behaviors, and what to do about them in a humane and effective manner. Class applies to all ages of dogs, from puppies to seniors.

Dog Short Subjects: Rover, Please Calm Down!

Jumping up, demand barking, hyperactivity, over-exuberance with other dogs, these are all signs that your dog is lacking self-control. This seminar focuses on humane training and management techniques to help him calm down so he's a pleasure to be around. You'll be able to teach your dog how to greet people and other dogs appropriately, stay four-on-the-floor, and settle on a mat.

Dog Safety for Kids

Kids will learn how to read dog body language, which is key to preventing dog bites. Kids will also practice what to do when approached by a strange dog. Ages 5 and up.

Old Friends, A Clinic for Senior Dogs

Enhance your bond with your old friend in this clinic for "gray muzzles." You'll learn Tellington TTouch bodywork techniques which can help ease the aches and pains of aging, and TTouch ground exercises to help maintain mobility. We'll also explore clicker training, puzzles, and other types of play to keep your dog's mind sharp. For dogs 8 and up, or if you have a giant breed, 6 and up.

Kaboom! Help for Noise Sensitive Dogs

Does your dog hide in the closet on 4th of July? Shake and pant during thunderstorms? Jump into your lap at the sound of gunshots or a car backfiring? Then this seminar is for you. You'll learn hands-on techniques that calm your dog and give her the confidence and coping skills to deal with noise. If you have a stuffed animal, bring it to practice on.

TTouch N' Click for Reactive Dogs

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs or people? Threaten to bite? Go nuts in the car? If you are embarrassed or concerned about your dog's behavior, there's something you can do about it. In this five week class, we'll use TTouch and clicker training techniques for reducing reactivity and fear while increasing confidence, and enable your dog to be in public safely.

TTouch N' Click for Shy or Fearful Dogs

For dogs who are shy or afraid of other dogs, people (including kids), or sensitive to noise or movement. Using TTouch and clicker training, your dog will gain confidence and flexibility in all kinds of situations. Depending upon the dogs, we'll aim for at least one field trip. Five weeks.

Your Dog Is a Genius

Unlock your dog's inner genius in this four hour workshop. You'll learn clicker training techniques and games that will help you to bring out the best in your dog. If your dog flunked out of dog school, or you've been told he is stubborn or "slow," you'll gain a different perspective. If you haven't done any training at all because you didn't know how to begin, here's the perfect opportunity to jump start your dog's education. This is a nonjudgmental, safe and fun clinic, where every dog can be a super dog. Space is limited, so enroll early. Dog participants should be able to rest (mostly) quietly or be in a crate for short periods of time. Check with me if you are unsure about your dog's suitability for this class.

Reformed Snarky Dog

For those who have attended a Snarky Dog clinic, and need a refresher or guided practice time.

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About Shannon

Shannon lives in Stanwood, WA and has operated AnimalKind Training since 1993. She does private training, clinics and presentations all over Western Washington and sometimes beyond. In addition to dogs, cats, and horses, she has worked with birds, rabbits, pocket pets, pigs, chickens, cows, and goats, and the occasional reptile. She teaches TTouch and clicker training to staff and volunteers at animal shelters and rescue groups. She has a Master's Degree in Humane Education.

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